what shoes go with navy blue pants

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What color shoes do you wear with navy pants?

1 Black. As we address in our article on black shoes, there is an ongoing debate about whether it’s kosher or not to wear black shoes with navy trousers. 2 Light Brown. Light brown is an acceptable color shoe to wear with navy trousers, though our preference is for a darker brown. 3 Green. ... 4 Orange. ... 5 Purple. ... 6 Red. ...

What color shoes go with blue pants?

For a more casual look, you could pair some blue chinos or dark blue jeans with a pair of brown leather sneakers. Either way, you should always remember that brown is the most versatile and dependable color when you’re choosing shoes that go with blue pants. In fact, both complement each other. 2. White Shoes

Do you wear navy blue shoes with trousers?

Although navy blue shoes aren’t quite as popular today, they used to be considered obligatory with a navy blue suit. However, today it can be confusing as to how to best coordinate navy blue shoes with trousers. In this guide, you will learn how to match your navy blue shoes with different trousers. Use the following links to jump ahead:

What color shoes go with navy blue?

Burgundy. Burgundy shoes are reddish-brown or brownish-red, depending on the shade. The red in burgundy syncs beautifully with navy trousers because red and navy blue are both primary colors, which look great together. Wear this to nearly any function or event with the exception of black-tie.

What shoes go well with dark brown?

This combination also works for casual navy trousers and casual brown shoes like drivers, moccasins, and loafers.

What color shoes does Paul like?

Purple is a very challenging colour but one that Paul likes to wear. It can also be difficult to advise as there are many shades of purple that demand different pairings to work. As purple is a somewhat unusual colour, I would recommend wearing it mostly with black shoes to rein it in.

What color goes well with navy pants?

Purple is a cousin of blue and can look good with navy trousers. Again, this is a casual pairing and should be kept to social occasions, not professional ones.

What is dark enough for business?

Dark enough for business, light enough to wear during the day (unlike black), and versatile enough to be worn to everything from a meeting to a first date, they’re a wardrobe workhorse, a necessary staple to get by in the world.

Can you wear beige shoes with navy pants?

To our eye, the pairing of beige shoes with navy trousers does neither article any favors. There are plenty of other options to pair with navy blue pants, we suggest exploring those. Alternatively, a shade of dark blue lighter than navy would work with beige shoes, but that’s covered in another article.

Is it kosher to wear black shoes with navy trousers?

As we address in our article on black shoes, there is an ongoing debate about whether it’s kosher or not to wear black shoes with navy trousers. Our thoughts on the subject are straightforward: it is highly preferable to wear brown shoes, as they offer equal formality with superior style. However, some men are involved in professions that are very sartorially conservative that require black shoes with everything. Often these are white shoe firms or government agencies, and we concede that real-world circumstances dictate what we wear just as much as our own personal styles.

1. Yellow Ankle Flat Shoes

Pair your navy-colored pants with yellow ankle flat shoes. This outfit is suitable for work or going out on a date in the evening. The yellow shoes are elegant and feminine, so they will make you stand out.

2. Yellow High Heels

Match navy pants with yellow high heels. As yellow is an attention-getting color, especially in heels, people will notice you as soon as you enter the room. Wearing heels with a suit is always a good idea. Even if it’s not a black-tie event, women should wear heels to work on formal days if it’s acceptable in your workplace.

3. Navy Blue Shoes

Pair navy pants with navy blue shoes. This combination is ideal for a business meeting. The dark color of the shoes goes with any color of pants and gives you a sophisticated, professional look.

4. Blue Shoes

A blue high heel shoe looks perfect with a pair of navy pants. The shoes are high enough to add height to your legs but still thin and feminine. This combination gives you a cool look that looks great on formal days, date nights, or even just for work.

5. Blue Sneakers

For a more casual look, combine navy-colored pants with blue sneakers. This combination is comfortable but also looks stylish and elegant. These two colors are complementary, and they blend well together, so you can wear this outfit whenever you want to. Some different types of sneakers at here.

6. Blue High Pumps

Blue high heels with navy trousers are a great outfit. The combination is fresh, unexpected and will make you stand out. High heel shoes in blue with the color of your pants are a good option for women who like to be fashionable but can also combine the look of being elegant and sexy.

7. Black Lace-ankle High Heel Sandals

Black lace high heel sandals are ideal for wearing with navy pants. Simple and elegant, these shoes will make any outfit look more expensive and classy. They will also make your legs look longer and slimmer. You can wear them with a black leather waistcoat and a basic white t-shirt for a stunning, feminine look.

What Next?

Now that you have read about the how to match blue shoes with trousers, check out some related guides below:

What color shoes go with tan?

Tan trousers and navy blue shoes -or any shade of blue, for that matter- is an alluring combination that will work particularly well in spring and summer. As tan is a neutral and navy blue is, well, a blue, the possibilities for the rest of the outfit are limited by only your imagine and skin tone.

What happens if you wear denim with navy shoes?

Jeans. Denim with navy shoes runs the risk of Blueberry Syndrome. Typically this happens when someone wears dark denim with a navy blazer. The colors are a little off, meaning that the whole outfit looks amateurish and instead of a harmonious whole, you look like a blob of blue. A walking blueberry, if you will.

What color shoes go well with navy trousers?

The inverse of navy trousers with dark brown shoes this is a non-standard combination that would be best served with some blue accessories for continuity. Lighter shades of brown will also pair nicely with lighter shades of blue.

What color shoes go with charcoal grey?

Grey. Navy shoes with charcoal grey will work in the same way dark brown shoes will by providing an alternative to black. Make sure you throw a blue accessory or two in your ensemble to tell a smooth color story.

What shoes do navy suits need?

The rule used to be that navy suits required navy shoes, and this has mostly been supplanted by brown shoes as the best complement.

Do navy blue shoes go with a blue suit?

Although navy blue shoes aren’t quite as popular today, they used to be considered obligatory with a navy blue suit. However, today it can be confusing as to how to best coordinate navy blue shoes with trousers.

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